I was entirely indifferent to the news of his death.

A few years ago, I was invited on a popular Mommy Channel to share a story I wrote. I’m particularly proud of this one, and I hope it makes you smile. 

(Also, how cute is this red lipstick? I remember losing the tube just before COVID hit and it has been discontinued since :/)

Please click on the link below the image to see the full video. Happy viewing!
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No cheating!

I must have been 7 and in second grade. I was in a different classroom than all my usual friends and at that age; you feel the separation at a much deeper level. But after a few weeks, I was ok and thriving because of Ms. Reena, our class teacher. Now Ms. Reena was new to our school (and teaching, I suspected). She was young, very slender, and had a pretty nose, very much like my mom’s. I secretly fantasized that she was my “School mother” and delighted in being a total teacher’s pet. I would help her with arranging the chalk and watering the half-dead plant in the classroom. On one occasion, I even packed an extra “Gems” pack for her, because I thought she might like the sweetness after her daily lunch of Upma. I loved her like only a 7-year-old can and looked forward to Monday mornings when she’d walk into the classroom, trailing a scent of sandalwood behind her.Continue reading“No cheating!”

Sir David Attenbowow.

I’m a sucker for anything related to Sir David Attenborough. The almost-96-year-old naturalist is a passionate advocate for conservation and a wholesome staple in every household. An inspiration to children and adults alike, Sir David also possesses that classic dry British humor with a touch of cheek.  And that automatically lends itself to numerous well-intentioned memes. Continue reading“Sir David Attenbowow.”



I’m terrified of failure. Since I was a kid, I’ve always toed the line, often to my detriment. And while this quest for success has served me well in my professional life, it has also chipped away at my core ideas of self-worth and fulfillment.Continue reading“Fail.”


Mi pobrecito, August, is sick again. After a bout of conjunctivitis, he looked like his usual silly self for a couple of days. I heaved a sigh of relief and we carried on as usual.Continue reading“Pobrecito.”

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