“Mommy, I’m scared.”

“Oh Jonathan, not again. We talked about this, remember? You need to sleep, you have a big day tomorrow with the field trip.”


“Trust me on this honey. I promise you. There are no such things as monsters.”

“Ok, mommy. You really promise?”

“I do, baby.”


“Yes, baby?”

“Can you leave the door open?”

“Sigh. Sure. Sleep well, ok. I love you.”

“Love you, mommy.”

Rachel walked down the narrow hallway to her bedroom. She got in and shut the door. Shrugged off her robe and stood by the bed. She should probably speak to his teacher tomorrow. Maybe something was going on at school?

She was so lost in thought, that she almost didn’t hear it the first time. A high, childlike voice. A voice she knew and loved.

She turned around in confusion and saw him. Her eyes widened. He was almost exactly the same, but… so wrong. Almost like he had been reassembled in a hurry. She saw spines and hair where there should be none, and rows of sharp, pointy teeth. God those teeth!

His talons clicked along with old wallpaper, as he shuffled towards her.

As she whimpered, his fetid breath rasped over her face. “why would you lie to me, mommy?”

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