It’s not Thanksgiving day and therefore expressing gratitude on social media is banned or worse, “uncool”.But I’m going to do it, anyway. After dropping off the kids at school with my shirt, inside out the whole time and almost waving at somebody who wasn’t waving at me, I’m sort of on a roll don’t you think? Riding the dork wave here!
Anyway, here are a few things I am so grateful for. Not an exhaustive list, by any means.

1. A good lipstick. 

2. Wet wipes. God’s own gift to harried moms with snotty kids and everything else.
3. Coffee. An endless supply of foamy coffee. I have dreams occasionally about drinking coffee, which is how addicted I am.
4. A battery pack, for when your phone runs out of juice. Now if only they made one for humans. Imagine that! 
5. Angels in disguise (AID, patent pending). These pure souls are everywhere if you know how to look for them. It could be the nice old lady in front of you at the story or your son’s teacher or your best friend or your mom. No matter what form they take, they can make you smile again with a quick joke or a kind word. Look out for them and if you find one, grab on and don’t go (except maybe the kind old lady, who’s getting ready to whack you on the head with her cane)
6. Because I’m that basic, I thought I’d finish off this list with something that speaks to my hokey sense of humor- Memes. The best thing that came out of the 2000’s, this format of humor is irreverent and forever evolving. I consider it therapeutic and refreshing, especially after a long hard day of sitting on your butt moping about the stupid green grass on the other side.


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