The scariest man in the world.

I’m talking to you because I heard

the wind whispering in the snow

Let me tell you about the scariest man

The scariest man I know.

He wasn’t the monster under my bed.

Or the shadow by the closet door

He wasn’t the creep who felt me up

He wasn’t the corpse on the floor.

He wasn’t the stranger who stalked me

Nor the who looked deranged

He was the man who kissed me hard

And then just like that, he changed.

He put his hand behind his back

And asked me to be his wife

The glint I saw with my shining eyes

Was the glint of his butcher knife.

He became the man who stabbed me twice

Then he laid me down to die

I begged and bled hot tears of pain

But he couldn’t look me in the eye.

He dug a hole in the stained ground

By rote like he’d done this before

The last thing I saw was a pocket of sky

And then I saw no more.

I waited alone, under the dark mud

In my new home that wasn’t mine

But he spun a tale so simple

And the world moved on just fine.

Come tomorrow you’re to be his wife

It’s the same old story you see

When the music stops; he’ll bring out his knife

And bury you right beside me.

If you’re scared by now, you should be

But the dead don’t care to lie

The ground is stiff and rocky here

Grab your shovel and don’t be shy.

See I’m not scared of the scariest man

I’ve had twenty years to wait

My nails and teeth are yellowed and long

And it’s been a long time since I ate.

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