The Next Step

There are no absolute truths in life. What you may consider gospel, will be openly laughed at in other parts of the world. And vice versa. 

Humankind evolved because a few, wise (wo)men challenged the rules. Weary feet invented the wheel, frostbitten fingers discovered fire. Cultures and dynasties rose and fell. Empires ruled the world and mankind kept marching on. Civil wars, world wars, the rise of feminism, social media. Every day we have pioneers and philosophers asking questions, changing ideas. Seeking answers and welcoming the progress, those bring us.

As women, we have come so far. We are no longer considered frilly embellishments to a successful man. We are leaders and rulers in our own right and in a man’s world. But often, we are also our biggest critics. Resting on the laurels and hard work of our previous generations, it’s easy to forget that there’s still so much to do. So many minds to change. Respect, consent, boundaries. These words don’t mean what they did a 100 years ago. 

Our sons and daughters. Our husbands and parents. Even that mean old aunty in the neighboring flat and definitely the teachers shaping our children’s impressionable thoughts. They all need us to show them the way. When we fall, when we shrug off the pain and stand tall again- they’re watching. And learning. So we need to lead by example. 

The road is long and hard. But like someone once said, nothing worth having comes easy. And with Goddesses in very human forms by our side, I think it will be a rather splendid journey, don’t you?

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