Scent and space.

I often find myself harried or dealing with chaos. I usually have a decent handle on life, but over the years I’ve learned to stop and smell the roses.

No literally. SMELL the roses.

Being a very sensory person, sights, sounds, tastes dictate a lot of my choices.

But at the top of my Sensory Pyramid is Smell. I am very influenced by fragrances and odors . And while it can sometimes be a challenge (think crowded room and random stranger’s body odor), it’s mostly a very helpful tool. After much introspection, I realized the power that a good aroma has over me, and decided to use it to my advantage.

So here’s my little collection of pick-me-up smells :

Tantalizing perfumes, Special lotions and Aromatic oils. And quite a few simple soap bars brought from the neighborhood grocery store. It’s not how much they cost, but how they make me feel. Now, I don’t know much about aromatherapy, but I certainly know it helps me focus and look forward to my day.

I rotate scents for different parts of the week : cinnamon on a busy morning, eucalyptus for the weekend, ginger for almost every evening.

My little smell rolodex helps me breathe and smile, even when everything is going crazy.
So, do you stop to smell the roses too?

(Two disclaimers: I am not selling anything. I know zilch about essential oils, so that’s not happening here. Also, the second picture is my puppy eating up all the flowers, so even if I am selling something, that item has likely gone out of stock by now 🤪 🤦🏻‍♀️)

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