Like a Hawk!

I spent an hour yesterday at the Spa/Salon. When I get home, this conversation happens with my husband.

Raghav: Babe, you look nice!

Me: Aww, thanks! That was so relaxing.

Raghav: Wow, your hair!! Cannot beat that Salon blowout, huh?!

Me: Well…

Raghav: And your eyebrows! Done to perfection! 

Me: ….

He doesn’t stop. Doesn’t pause. And certainly doesn’t look, even though he has two functional eyes.

Raghav: Wait, did you also get a facial? Your skin is glowing!

Now mind you, this man’s full-time career is interpreting Medical Scans and noticing tiny, subtle details.

Raghav: Why don’t you say something? 

Me: I went for a basic Pedicure. Nothing else.

Raghav: So you mean? All this *waves vaguely in my direction* was already there? Before you went?

Me: Yup.

Raghav: Oh…..

Me: Yeah. 

Raghav: Well, now that you mention it, your eyebrows look like they need to be threade-

Me: Stop! Don’t go there!

Raghav: Next time, I’ll just shut up, then?

Me: That would be nice, yes.

Raghav: Love you!

Me: Love you back <3 font="" nbsp="">

14 years of marriage, people. The spark is still there! 😐😐💏😆

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