My kind of love

Dear Husband,

It’s been 14 years. So a mere “Happy Anniversary” or “I love you” seem bland, considering I’m supposed to be clever with words. 

We’re not newlyweds anymore. Giggly romance and Impromptu vacations have now evolved into who takes the kids to the park and who decides what new show to binge on.
So I thought we’d talk about 14 ways in which you still bring magic into my life.

  1. You forget my birthday every year. But thank you for always remembering my detailed burrito order. #priorites, amirite??
  2. Rain or shine, you always put our family first. I don’t say it enough, but do you know how incredibly rare that is?
  3. Even though you’re (super duper) laid back, you always stand up for what I believe in. Be it raising our children or choosing a painting, you never let my voice get lost in the chaos. 
  4. Foot Massages? Hello? You’re masterful at those. 
  5. You still look at me like I’m 23. To someone in her *ahem* thirties, that is better than any anti aging serum. 
  6. In rough weather, you hold me close and bring me ice cream. But you also know when to give me a wide berth. When I’m writing or fuming or generally being unpleasant, your patience is a gift, I’m always thankful for.
  7. You’re so predictable. Those may seem like basic traits, but it’s lovely to come home to someone who’s down to hang out in PJs and watch Netflix. After a crazy day, 30 minutes of Black Mirror on our couch, is exactly the shade of normalcy I’m craving.
  8. After careful thought, I have concluded that you possess at least a Gigabyte’s worth of knowledge about everything under the sun. When your lectures about torque and drag get tedious, I just repeat under my breath “he’s the only one who can fix your check engine light”. And I feel much better.
  9. You’re an amazing parent. You’re patient, nurturing, and often the goofiest kid I have to deal with. Roughhousing on weekends, surprise trips to the pool, endless nonsensical experiments. Is it surprising the children light up when you walk into the room?
  10. You’re passionate about everything. Your career, my career(s), the lawn, the cars, my blog, our home, the puppy. You make your own success, and delight in mine. Your enthusiasm is infectious and unflagging, and who wouldn’t want a cheerleader like that?
  11. A hastily drawn card, with your signature (atrocious) handwriting. Rose gold jewelry. My favorite lotion from L’occitane. You surprise me, with presents on random days. And the best part? You never forget the Gift Receipt. 
  12. You don’t have a mean bone in your body. To a bona fide grudge holder like myself, that is both infuriating and amazing. You forgive easily and wholly, with much grace. I pray to the old Gods and new, that the children are watching and learning from you. I’m sure as heck not setting a good example there.
  13. You somehow have amazing self esteem, but a nonexistent ego. You laugh at yourself with so much ease and that’s one of the most attractive things about you.
  14. You get me, completely. My worries and desires, especially the ones I don’t spell out. It’s endearing, liberating and goodness, how did I get so lucky!

14 years of being together. So how about we go old school?
Can I take you out for a cup of coffee?

With love and a shiny, new dress,
Your wife.

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