Deep breath out..

Just when the cabin fever was making me see red, I got a bright little email from one of my favorite publishing houses. BlackHarePress has featured one of my drabbles on their website. Theme – Vampires, with an austere 100 word limit.

BlackHarePress has also published two other stories of mine in their LOVE and Apocalypse Anthologies, so this felt like a warm trip back home to a very prolific family. LOVE comes out on Amazon tomorrow, so naturally I’m pumped, proud and very, very giggly (cabin fever).

If you wish to support your favorite budding author, click on the link and consider purchasing a paperback copy of LOVE. Kindle Unlimited offers it for free, for a limited time.

I’ve read many of the stories in LOVE, and honestly – it’s a delightfully creepy book with all sorts of twisted endings. I promise, you won’t be bored!

And in the meanwhile, stay safe, hydrated and inside your homes as much as possible. Once this is over, I promise to give you my best smile and a hug.

With love from my cabin which suddenly seems bigger,


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