Important news! Please read.

Since I’ve gotten more serious about my writing, I’ve learned so much about how blogging works. It’s no longer getting an idea and putting it on paper or a screen. Everyone has opinions, everyone writes them down, everyone has access to a domain, so everyone has a blog, which means words are being created and edited and published and viewed and consumed at any given time. Some bloggers are no less than cult leaders — with their adoring mass of RSS-infused followers. They’re the OG influencers before Instagram became a thing. Most of them even have published books with sparkling 5 stars on Amazon or Goodreads.

It’s a whole big world out there, and if you look closely, you’ll see me — a relative fetus, still flapping and fluttering under the bright sun. But it doesn’t matter. Because I have 2 important things, no one else has.

I have me. All of me — raw, undiluted, and pretty kickass. I am talented, have things to say, and last time I checked, at least 3 exciting novels are bubbling inside me. So, I’m good.

No, scratch that — I’m great!
Because I also have you. My dear, loyal readers, who always make time to follow my sporadic, blink-and-you’ll-miss-them posts. You keep me honest, hold me accountable, and push me forwards with your thoughtful emails and kind words. I don’t care if it sounds hokey, but writing for you is a privilege, honestly.

A lot of you follow me on Facebook as well. So every time I post, you get a little red notification, which is convenient. And for the rest of you, I’ve used an RSS-based service that sends you a handy little email with the content of my blog post. Also convenient.

But here’s where there’s going to be a minor change. The email service I’ve been using thus far is going into maintenance mode. A lot of features, including email subscriptions, are being discontinued. So I’m moving to a new service, which also has some additional, fun features I’ll be unveiling in the upcoming months.

The only teeny tiny downside? You’ll have to resubscribe.

When you visit this website, you should have seen (or will see) a window that pops up from the right side of your screen. That’s the new email service. Please read the text there, and—should you feel so inclined—sign up to receive emails. And the ONLY emails I will send you will be about new blog posts and/or updates on the books I’m writing.

It’s been an exciting journey with you so far. I really hope you will consider (re)subscribing so we can continue this adventure together. It’s not as fun without you (every last one of you).

With love from my screen to yours.


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