Nevertheless, she persisted – a true story.

He was an autistic 8-year-old; not fond of animals. She was a feisty corgi puppy, determined to bite everyone in her path.

He screamed. She herded. He cried. She cocked her head and squeaked. But nevertheless she persisted.

“I don’t like this puppy. She’s too loud,” he said.

“Why won’t this boy let me lick him?” she wondered. But nevertheless she persisted.

Days later, weeks later, she learned to stay back. She offered him wet toys, implored him to play fetch.Sometimes he did and often he didn’t. But nevertheless she persisted.

Summer break, School, Halloween and Thanksgiving. He held the leash sometimes and threw doggie treats.She watched him and loved, content when he was around. He still squealed, unsure, but nevertheless she persisted.

During Christmas break, he asked for her. Last month he giggled under a blanket, while she jumped on him. Two weeks ago, he petted her for the first time.

And this past Saturday, he snuggled with her. Ignored his sensory issues and inhaled her puppyness. Letting her lick his face, letting her paw his belly. Boy and dog, one rumpled mass of happiness, as we watched in wonder and clicked a million pictures.

You guys, after a year of waiting, she’d finally won him over. Today in our house, love triumphed between a brave, autistic 9-year-old and a darling corgi girl. Because, nevertheless she persisted.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go cry for a while.

(This piece was originally posted two years ago. Minnie still brings magic to all our lives. )

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