The arrival of August.

Ever since my sister moved to Oregon to pursue her residency, we’ve been doing a shared custody situation with our dog, Minnie.

Minnie spends a few months in Oregon and then comes down to California for a week or two. And even though we try to visit Oregon every couple of months, we miss her terribly. Once you get used to a dog padding about — especially one as feisty as Minnie — the house seems quieter and rather colorless.

We’ve been toying with the idea of getting another pup for the past year. We’d love to rescue or adopt, but unfortunately, that’s not an option. And we hope to get a dog that can train to be a service animal down the road. Since last July, I’ve been on a few waitlists, talking with breeders who can help find dog parents with the right temperament.

And finally, on 26th Feb 2022, I got the email. Our favorite breeder had joyous news. A litter had been born overnight, and one of the little boys was ours!

Augustus Rowan Chandrasekaran is presently 4 weeks old. He is incredibly fluffy, with sweet brown eyes and a perky little fox tail. We fly out to Texas on Cinco de Mayo, and he comes home with us the next day.

Big sister Minnie will spend the next few months with us to help train the little guy. It will be a significant change for her, but with time and lots of play, I’m hoping they become the best of friends. She is such a darling and sweet doggie; I think she’ll enjoy having a brother to scamper around with.

Come soon, my darling August boy. We’re going to have so much fun together!

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