Please donate if you can.

Our little friend in Alaska, Skye Emma, needs your help. She is a beautiful corgi who has helped her family through health crises over the years.  She is also an amazing sister to her autistic human brother. As someone who’s a parent to both corgis and an autistic child, I know how healing and nurturing these darling dogs are. 

Skye Emma recently tore her cruciate ligament and is scheduled for surgery on Nov 9. The vet expects the cost to be around $4000 (see itemized invoice in pictures below), so please consider donating. If you wish to help, you can either visit her Gofundme page at

You can also call 1 (907) 452 6055 to contact her Vet directly and donate. Her info at the Vet is under her full name : Skye Emma Westhoff. We just donated and we know every dollar matters and your support goes such a long way to helping a young corgi.

To conclude: Thank you for your generosity and time. Augie says that human beings can be pretty awesome! Minnie nods in agreement but adds that while you guys are really fantastic, Mom fed them green beans this morning and therefore she is the worst! 😋🤷🏻‍♀️



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