About Pavi

Pavi Raman celebrates her life as a writer, mother, and physician. She believes children are complete human beings from birth and deserve the same respect one would grant adults. This tenet has been the backbone of her professional and personal life and helped her be a better parent to her 11-year-old neurodiverse son and 7-year-old daughter.

Pavi has been writing stories since she was a young child – a hobby which she has revived and honed into a part-time career. At last count, she has written over 120 short stories and personal essays across various genres. Many of which have been published in the United States, India, and Australia, earning her many awards.

Pavi has been featured as an expert speaker on many panels. She uses her platform to be a loud ally for individuals with special needs, advocate for mental health, and an unapologetic feminist.

Her first solo-authored book is coming out in early 2022.

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