Lately I’ve noticed that I’ve been walking around in a constant state of fuzzblarghzz ( actual medical term!) You guys know what I mean. That dreamlike state that accompanies what-feels-like-centuries -of sleep deprivation. I’m awake and registering everything through foggy glasses and wondering what the legal limit is on coffee.

See this is what happens when you co sleep with your 2 year old drama queen daughter who mumbles in her sleep. And this isn’t just baby babble mumblings. She complains about stuff and makes actual demands – all while being fast(ish) asleep. And since all this happens at sound blaster volume, I’m always half awake trying to sleep before the next round begins.  And the best part is Miss.R wakes up happy as a clam in the morning, with not a hint of tiredness -while I look wretched with excess baggage under my eyes. A couple more nights of this and I’ll be hooking myself up to a coffee iv drip to function.

So yeah….Fuzzblarghzz about sums it up.

On a positive note, I’ve finally started to make some progress on the losing weight front. I’m not heavy by any standards but I’m definitely a tinge overweight for my frame and height, and my knees are not happy about this.So in the spirit of keeping healthy and making sure my knees don’t turn in their 2 weeks notice, I’m eating better and exercising. Its also fun for me to exercise (!!!) since my husband has a cool new treadmill-desk thingy and I can watch “Gilmore Girls” while working up a sweat. Win-Win baby!  I knew I married this man for a reason <3

Weekend is almost here which means no waking up at ungodly hours for N’s school drop off and I’m so excited at the thought of sleeping in that I’m planning a perfectly executed Olympic dive into bed at 11 pm! At the very least, that gives me a good 4 hours before R’s late nightly talk show begins ;-P

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