A Mother’s Promise

I have been a storyteller  for as long as I remember. From my very first written story at age 5, to the endless evenings I spent regaling my (oft bored) younger sister with tales of monsters and maidens, the art of storytelling has held immense appeal to me. I have been blessed to get published multiple times this year, but to be featured in an actual book is a new honor!
First Moms Club’s Inaugural Ebook launched last weekend on Mother’s Day. I was privileged to contribute my own story and share space with so many talented writers.

Smiles and tears, laughter and madness. The Mommy journey and the people we walk it with. This ebook is filled with heartfelt pieces about Motherhood and the unique love that blazes within all of us.
Download here and please share : https://firstmomsclub.in/a-mothers-promise/

Grab your copy (it’s free!) and settle back with a hot cup of tea. This one is special!
Here’s to all the rockstar moms in our lives!

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