A spell over me. You cast
and saunter away like you couldn’t

care less.Sometimes I wish to be
that stoic.Today I’m just happy
to feel. See right now we‘re about
to talk for the first time.
And even though I haven’t heard
your voice before, I seem to know
exactly the notes you’ll hit.
A touch of an accent, the Rs
dragged out, you come from
a land as distant as mine.
Yet somehow our souls decided
to breathe the same air.Today
I will speak of nonsense like Coffee,
and maybe you’ll agree just to
fill an empty hour. Over steaming
mugs, we’ll smile and banter.
That tune playing overhead may
become Our Song one day. Trust
and give me time because this is the
moment you’ve often dreamed about.
I’m walking up now. Hey Boy? Turn
around. Let me try some magic.

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