9 and what fun!

9 today. The baby fat, almost gone. Taller, leaner and looks like the young man he’s becoming. 

9 today. He still gives me mushy kisses. He still lets me snuggle up. And, oh my heart!

9 today. Wakes up with a smile and asks about his present. Negotiates like a pro, in his squeaky, squeaky voice.

9 today. He works hard every minute. Plays harder. Stands up for himself even when he wants to run away.

9 today. Silly games with his sister. Fights, races, cuddles and endless giggling. Oh, the giggling.

9 today. He flies in the wind, exploring, learning. Happiest in his own head and content in ways I can never be.

9 today. He does not know of hatred and discrimination. I pray he never has to learn.

9 today. Challenges and victories, milestones he’s carved for himself. Every moment just as it should be.

9 today. 9 perfect years of hanging out with my best friend.

Happy birthday, my little boy! How did we get so lucky?

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