New beginnings.

Guess who’s moving?

I’ve loved my cozy Blogspot home for  two years,  but as I expand and take on more writing roles, I’m finding that the Blogger platform isn’t the best fit for my needs. 
Pretty soon, I will be transitioning to a brand new WordPress website and I would be delighted if you could join me there. I’m so excited for my new virtual home and all I can accomplish in my workspace. 
As moving day approaches, I will post updates about the new website (you could also subscribe to WittyBean to receive alerts). There’re also a few surprises coming up before the year ends, so watch this space. 
Until then, enjoy your autumn with heaping mugs of coffee. I’m partial to a good Sumatran roast. You?
As always, from my screen to yours,

personally, Pavi.

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