Orange Flower Awards 2020

The Orange Flower Awards 2020, hosted by Women’s Web happens on the 26th of Jan, and I’ve the privilege of being nominated in 3 categories!
‘Promising New Blogger’, ‘Parent Blogging’,  and ‘Short Fiction.’
If you plan to be in Mumbai on the 25th of January, consider attending the awards. It’s a daylong event with many powerful speakers. Passes are still available at

My nominations show up on the bottom of this page
Honestly, I don’t know if I have the remotest chance of winning, but I’m just so thrilled to be a part of an illustrious set of nominees. I mean- sharing space with published authors, speakers, life coaches and their ilk? What a perfect way to start this new decade.
I’ve been on this journey for close to 2 years, but I’m still an infant in the giant world of manuscripts and deadlines and publishing. There are things I don’t know and secrets I’ve yet to unearth. Rejection letters galore and then those “we’re pleased to publish your story” emails. The road is winding and sometimes my feet hurt. But I refuse to stop walking. 
Thank you for always reading. I write for myself, but more importantly, I write for you!

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