We won’t know what happens. Not for a while. Maybe tomorrow? Maybe next week?

Blue vs Red, hope vs. hype and humanity vs hypocrisy.

I don’t talk politics on social media, but right now, in 2020? It isn’t just politics anymore, is it? The Pandemic has brought the world to its knees, and America is flailing in the dirt, dry heaving and begging for mercy.

The man in the White House is clearly incapable of stringing two coherent sentences together, let alone run a large country. He’s the worst person to have been at the helm of the nation, at a time when we needed compassionate leadership and scientific plans.

But something’s gotta give. There has to be a way to reduce infection rates and keep the economy afloat. Black Lives should matter, Women’s Rights should matter, and white supremacists must be sent crawling back into whatever holes they wriggled out of.

I don’t expect BidenHarris to work miracles. We’re too damaged for that to happen. But with time, self introspection and accountability, they might lead us out of this mess.

I hope you’re healthy. I hope you’re safe.

And more importantly, I hope you’re terrified enough to have voted.

Blue. Hope. Humanity.

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