Week 1.


It’s been a weird pollen-y week here in California, and my sinuses are feeling it. I’ve been sniffling for a few days, assuring my daughter it’s not the COVID and stealth sneezing, to not worry her anymore. My first instinct has been to crash on the couch and drink soup, so I did that for half a day.

But then I remembered how I’ve told countless patients to keep active (if possible) when they have a cold. After a while, I couldn’t bear to listen to the judgey voice shouting, “hypocrite!” inside my head. So I had to leave my comfy couch, pull on some leggings and roll out the yoga mat. Except for one other instance where I looked up, “is it really safe to exercise while sick” I’ve been working out every day. My fitness plan is really quite basic and clean:  

  1. Drink water and eat smaller, healthier portions. 
  2. Roll out the yoga mat and get to it. 

And I can feel the difference. You know when you’re hugely pregnant, and the baby kicks, causing a small seismic event on the surface of your belly? Blink, and you’ll miss it sort of thing? Yeah, that’s what my abs are like right now. I’m still pudgy and achy, but if I contract just right, for a fraction of a second, I can see the outlines of my abdominal muscles. Pathetic? Yes! But also, how cool?!! 

Week 1 of fitness – dusted and done!

Bring it on week 2!

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