A Season of Suspense.

When the days get colder and strange things lurk at the periphery of your vision. You pull your sweater close, because know it’s winter. 

The season of cakes and cinnamon spice,
of lovely hot chocolate and grandma’s pies.
Of carols and dinners and mulled sweet wine,
of twinkling lights upon yards of twine.

But underneath all the sugary sweetness,
something evil is hatching.
You sense the darkness,
and the horror that is watching.

Stories of loss and evil yarns,
fearsome monsters and crumbling barns.
A twist in the tale with the end of fall.
A season of suspense is upon us all.👹🎃🔪💣

I’m thrilled, excited and honored to announce that one of my short tales will be featured in the Storytellers second anthology series : A Season of Suspense.

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