Thursday can’t come fast enough.

(Photo by nikko macaspac on Unsplash)

I’m a professional worrier, and this week, I’m earning my entire keep. On Thursday, at 3 pm, I’m set to participate in a meeting that decides Nirav’s academic plan and placement next year. 

Now, we have similar meetings every year with the school and come up with a contract that determines the services he needs. This time, it will be the same, but different. He is supposed to transition out of elementary and into middle school. So we’re not just fine-tuning his educational goals but also deciding where he will be spending the academic year. To make things worse, I went and sprained my ankle yesterday.

So yeah, I’m stressing and crunching Tylenol by the handful. If you read this, please send some healing calmness my way. (And coffee too. For some god awful reason I can’t recollect, I decided to go off caffeine this week. It’s not been pretty because right now, I’m this close to injecting espresso straight into my veins.)

Write this list down, because I know you’ll forget :

  1. Lots of Calm, white energy. 
  2. High octane caffeinated drinks. 
  3. Herbal sleepy tea because I haven’t logged in my 8 hours since Saturday.

I know some of those things will counteract each other, but I am past the point of caring. 

So did I miss anything? No? Good. 

44 hours, 31 minutes, and 11 seconds to go. But hey, who’s counting?

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