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Some of you have asked about purchasing my new books on a bigger platform. And now you can! Because…….


You can now purchase “The secret of Aum” on Amazon India.

Fresh off the printing press, my second book, “Kali and the invincible Asura,” is also available on Amazon India.Even though the Kali story was written for 6-10-year-olds, I’m positive it will delight children and adults alike. This book is a collector’s dream, and I am not speaking of the writing!

Gorgeously designed by Swarnavo Dutta, the illustrations really pull you into the story, and don’t let go long after reading the last word. Page after page glitters with the story of a mighty Goddess and how she triumphed against a fearsome demon.

You don’t have to be religious or practice Hinduism to enjoy this book. The origin story of Goddess Kali transcends religion and culture and touches on the universal truths of justice and honor. Qualities as timeless as time itself.

Please consider buying these books. Your children (and you) will not be disappointed!

Links to purchase: 

IKAROA My First Mythology Tale (Illustrated) The Secret of Aum- Story books for kids 5+ Year : Pavi raman: Amazon.in: Books

IKAROA Kali and the Invincible Asura | Mythology Tale books for kids | (Set of 1 book-Multi color)- story books for kids : Pavi raman: Amazon.in: Books

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