Dear Child.


My darling child,

You are one person, yet you’re so much more than that. You change and grow daily, so what works now will not work tomorrow. How do I talk to you? All the versions of you that exist within your tiny self? So here’s a letter from the deepest part of me to every part of you.

Dear Joyful child: I love your laughter and how you brighten up any room. Your zest for life attracts so many people. I’ll cheer you on every step of the way, but I promise to be there when you don’t feel like smiling.

Dear Anxious child: this world can be scary sometimes, right? A hundred demands on you, and that’s before you even leave for school. How can I help declutter the chaos? We’ll do things at your pace and when you’re absolutely ready. I promise to give you some control whenever possible because your choices also matter.

Dear Quiet child: I will be your voice when you’re too scared to speak and fight for your right to be heard and respected. But when silence is your choice, I’ll remember to honor that.

Dear Brave child: you’re the first in the swimming pool and the one who wants to be challenged. I will always encourage you to do as much as you want, but I won’t expect you to excel every second of the day. First and foremost, you’re a child, and I won’t let anything rob you of your childhood.

Dear Sensitive child: I promise to let you cry when you want. Your emotions are valid and essential, and I won’t brush them away because I’m scared to handle them. I’m here with tissues and a warm hug if you want one. But I’m here because I’m your safe space.

Dear Chatty child: Aren’t you such a bright spark? You have questions and answers and absolutely brilliant ideas. I will free up time at every chance because nothing is more important than being your audience. You’re something special, and I can’t wait to hear what you say.

Dear Angry child: Oh, I love you extra special. You are so in tune with your emotions, and I appreciate how expressive you are. You scream and sulk and cry and rage. Thank you for being so honest. I will look past your words and understand your heart. And I can help you find what you’re really looking for.

Dear Different child: You are unique, and don’t I know it? You dance to the beat of your own tune and fight invisible battles with a winning smile. I’m in awe of your resilience, and I vow to accept you in all your entirety. You’re a million rays of sunshine, and I won’t rest until the world sees that.

Dear Average child: Underrated and overlooked, you don’t stand out in a crowd. When the rest of the world celebrates superstars, you go about modestly, creating little pockets of perfection and knowing more about contentment that so many will. I promise to give you every chance at success because, dear child- you might be average, but there’s nothing ordinary about you.

Dear Dreamy child: On rainy days, you paint rainbows, and on sunny days, you weave magic. You’re not weighed down like the rest of us, and what I wouldn’t give to live in the clouds like you! I vow to value your dreams and listen with my heart. My goodness, you are hope in human form.

Dearest baby of mine, there are so many hats you wear. If you ever worry whether you’re enough, know this.
You may be one small person.

But to me, darling, you are the entire world.



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