Just a dog.

My dog, Minnie, celebrated her birthday this Sunday. She turned 3 and has been a source of joy and laughter every day she’s been in our lives. So, I sat at my table and decided to write her a poem.

Now, at first, I felt a little silly about the whole thing. She’s a dog (duh), can’t read (double duh!), and frankly, didn’t I have better things to do?

But as the words came tumbling out of my fingers, I realized how much she meant to me. Her many moods. The way her ears go back when she wants attention. Her larger-than-life personality amply illustrated by “boofs” and “awoos.” The constant rubbing against my legs when she senses I need comfort. The spark in her very human eyes when she feels love.

My heart is happy every time I think of her, and if that’s not worthy of a poem, then what is?

So here’s a little ode to you, Minnie. You’re just a dog. A house pet. A furry friend.
But to me, you’re everything. And I love you, my darling child.

The stumpy royal floofer
Her highness the, subwoofer
Hereby lifts her dainty paw
And declares a brand new law

From this big day in time
It shall be declared a crime
To oppose her tiniest woof,
Her borks, her grunts, her boofs

Every ocean, lake, and river
And those waterfalls, ew *shiver*
Forced marches to see some “vista.”
Ugh! Her highness needs a siesta!

Snacks shall never be withheld.
No baths ever (ever) compelled
The fries must rain down, golden,
And every puddle rolled in.

All VET visits are henceforth banned.
Dates with the groomer canned,
And every hand shall now bow
With scratches, rubs, or chow

No “stop that” or “drop it, Minnie.”
All those diets aren’t funny.
She prays at the altar of carbs.
Hey! Make that puppaccino large!

Now that her laws are honored,
(her approval maybe garnered?)
Let’s bring out the wine and cake
And give the ole booty a shake.

Happy 3rd birthday, darling Minnie! We love you!

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