Sir David Attenbowow.

I’m a sucker for anything related to Sir David Attenborough. The almost-96-year-old naturalist is a passionate advocate for conservation and a wholesome staple in every household. An inspiration to children and adults alike, Sir David also possesses that classic dry British humor with a touch of cheek.  And that automatically lends itself to numerous well-intentioned memes. Continue reading“Sir David Attenbowow.”


Mi pobrecito, August, is sick again. After a bout of conjunctivitis, he looked like his usual silly self for a couple of days. I heaved a sigh of relief and we carried on as usual.Continue reading“Pobrecito.”



Apparently, dogs love praise. They need it; they enjoy it, and they thrive on it. 

“The gift of positive reinforcement is something every puppy strives for. It boosts confidence and strengthens the bond between owner and pup.” – direct quote from an online dog training course I signed up for.Continue reading“Lies.”

Just a dog.

My dog, Minnie, celebrated her birthday this Sunday. She turned 3 and has been a source of joy and laughter every day she’s been in our lives. So, I sat at my table and decided to write her a poem.

Now, at first, I felt a little silly about the whole thing. She’s a dog (duh), can’t read (double duh!), and frankly, didn’t I have better things to do?Continue reading“Just a dog.”

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