You and I.

The pandemic continues, because why not? New mutations whoop with glee, rubbing their hands and waiting to be put into the game. We’re only a couple of Greek letters down; there’s plenty left to kill us all twice. 2021 continues, and the other day I prayed for a glitch in the matrix — something to shake us out of this endless landscape of fear and disease.

But 2021 wasn’t all bad. Here’s some good stuff that kept me going this year.

  1. YouTube music – I know Spotify is the shiz and all that, but my needs are basic. I have a finite number of songs I like, and YouTube music does a great job mixing them up to get that perfect blend of predictability and suspense. Highly recommend.
  2. Fitness and diets – While these sucked so badly for the first few days, I was looking forward to working up a sweat by week two. I felt clear-headed for the first time in ages, and my knees thanked me for shaving off the pounds. Plus, the view from my high horse was just splendid! :p
  3. My corgi’s antics – Minnie had a busy 2021. Her FOMO° swelled to ridiculous amounts; she downed snacks on the sly, and with every “Awoo,” she brought me so much joy. And because I’m a sucker for sass, Minnie will get a little brother in June 2022. Pray for me!
  4. Duolingo – I love that little green owl so damn much. My Spanish is coming along well, and I can hold conversations with (patient) native speakers. I was so thrilled with my progress that I decided to add Italian to my course list. Currently, on day 23 of the new language and I can point at random household objects and name them, like a precocious toddler.
  5. Facebook and Instagram – Social media gets a terrible rap, and it’s easy to see why. But I’ve enjoyed posting on both platforms (I refuse to acknowledge the cringe that is “Meta”) and connecting with people who get my brand of humor. However, I draw the line at Tiktok.
  6. Writers – Oh, the joy of getting lost in a well-crafted book! Lee Child, Stephen King, PG Wodehouse, and Liane Moriarty. My soul thanks you!
  7. My books – I have 2 children’s books coming out in early 2022, and they will be my first venture into being a solo author. Give me a minute to hug myself with happiness, will you?
  8. Therapy – I found this excellent therapist, and I already see so many gains. Full disclosure: I had to put in the time and effort for treatment to work, so no magic fixes here.
  9. People – My circle grew this year and has carried me through many a trying week. Family and friends, I’m incredibly grateful for your love and warmth. And my darling kids — don’t grow up too fast, ok? Keep the snuggles coming!
  10. You – Every week, I have new readers signing up to read my stuff, and it is heartwarming to know that my words resonate with so many of you. My brand is honesty, hope, and humor, and I promise to always bring that to my writing.

2022 is mere hours away. 12 shiny months, glimmering with promise and opportunities. I’m scared and hopeful and excited — I guess we all are.

Here, hold my hand. Yes, just like that. I won’t let go, I promise. And on the count of 3, we’ll walk into the morning together.





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