Mamma Mia!


I was having a fantastic week. Work was rewarding, my hair bounced and shone, I’d added some distance to my daily run, and my coffee game was ON POINT!

Such a fantastic week.

Nirav was in great spirits, too. One afternoon, when he was in a chatty mood, I tried out this back-and-forth game. I’d ask him to pretend to be someone else, and he’d do this best to mimic that person’s quirks. Simple, wholesome fun.

And here’s how that went.

“Hey, Nirav? Can you pretend to be a police officer?”

He pulled out his best “ma’am, I mean business” glower, held up a hand, and yelled, “STOP Amma! You’re under arrest!”

“Haha! That was amazing. Ok, how about a gorilla?” 

He thumped his chest and bellowed mournfully like a gorilla who’d been unlucky in love.

“Very nice. Now, let’s see. How about Minnie, your dog?”

He dropped on all fours and woofed heartily. Even waggled his little butt, so bonus points for that.

That’s when an idea struck me.

“Ok, Nirav, listen up. Are you listening? Yeah? Ok, good. Now, can you pretend to be me? What does Amma sound like?”

 With a scrunched-up nose, he gave it some thought. I waited to see which one of my mannerisms he would pick to imitate.

A smile flashed on his face. Holding arms out wide, he chanted in a high voice. “Come here, my Nirav. Give me a hug. I love you so much!”

Oh my goodness, you guys! My heart! That’s the first thought he had about me? 

Be still, my heart!

I planted the biggest kiss I could muster, and he strolled away, looking pretty pleased with himself. 

I rode that high for almost an hour. A warm, maternal glow shone through me, and for those 60 minutes, I was a kinder, softer person. Motherhood incarnate! 

I was on my way to the kitchen for some coffee when I spotted Reya sprawled on the bed, reading a book. A fresh jolt of motherly love surged through me. Basking in my newfound grace, I glided up to her and murmured in dulcet tones.

“Darling? Reya?” 


I smoothed down her hair, tucking away runaway strands.

“So darling, if you had to imitate me or pick something I say all the time, what would you choose? Like, in a sentence or two?”

She sat up brightly. 

“Oh, that’s easy, Amma!” 

“Aww, really? What is it?”

She drew herself up to her entire 4 feet and boomed. “Hey! You in the shitty car! Go faster or move. I swear my damn dog drives better!”

Ahem. Well then.

Hopping up and down, she squeaked, “Wow, Amma! I sounded just like you, didn’t I?”

So, dear reader, here are a couple of takeaway points.

  1. I need to get a (much) better handle on my road rage. 
  2. I officially have a favorite kid, and he shall inherit everything. 



  1. Elisabeth Richter-Belote

    The bit with Reyna reminds me so much of the time when my husband came home and tells me all upset that our son had yelled,” Oh, shit” when they had to stop at a red light. “Oh,shit” is still one of my husband’s favorite expressions. But he at least learned to not use it around our son. Until our son learned to swear more heartily and insert f-bombs into his speech with the skill of a motorcyclist weaving in and out of traffic 😂

  2. Meghan

    I was tearing up over the first impression of you and then… LOL!! Definitely wasn’t expecting that one. I can picture Minnie glaring from a distant thinking, “Yes mother. I probably could drive better”.

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