Miles to go before I sleep.

After a glorious week in Oregon, we drove back last Saturday to the sunnier plains of Northern California. And in case you’re thinking, this is some sort of rambling, self-discovery post. Worry not! Because you are absolutely right! 

Things I learned:

  1. I can drive forever, as long as I have coffee and some delightful music. Bathroom breaks are for wimps.
  2. Some cars are meant to be wild. My Land Rover purrs on the endless highway — finally free from the shackles of suburban streets. Nessie, I promise you a lifetime of road trips. 
  3. I’m a sucker for babies. That should be obvious, but goodness, my nephew has me wrapped around his chubby little fingers. And he’s got this lisp that is beyond precious, so when he nods and says, “Yesth” — my ovaries, you guys! 
  4. I am a child of winter. Give me dark skies and wind and snow and frost, and my mood instantly brightens. 

Stuff I did:

  1. Drove over 1000 miles and enjoyed every one of them.
  2. Gloated about my driving prowess to anyone in earshot. “Backache? Stiff neck? As if! I was born to do this!”
  3. Oohed and aahed at every animal I spotted on the wildlife safari. Got super excited about an odd-looking bird, only to discover it was a duck.
  4. Learned about the gold rush and the Oregon trail at the local museum. With coffee in hand, of course.
  5. Went to playgrounds and trampoline parks and had an absolute blast!
  6. Promptly hurt my back because I “carried the dog wrong.”
  7. Grimaced my way through the rest of the trip before giving in and popping some pain meds.

Stuff I didn’t do:

  1. Keep to any sort of schedule. 
  2. Stress about things beyond my control or Obsess over being the perfect parent. 
  3. Have any expectations. I went with the flow and welcomed novelty. Which is a BIG deal if you know me. 

So that was my week off. I hope, dear reader, that you had a fun time too! Now, please enjoy some pictures, while I go ice my back.

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