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Dark, dark stories

Two dark stories, I wrote recently, are going to be published as part of a MicroFiction Anthology series, by Black Hare Press. One of them is apocalypse themed, and the other is a love story with a twist.

I’m beyond grateful. A lot of work goes into writing these tales, and what better reward than getting your work accepted by a big publishing house!

Thank you for reading!

Dear Child

My darling child,

You are one person, yet you’re so much more than that. You change and grow every single day, so what works now will not work tomorrow. The best I can do now is to write a letter. A letter not just to your present self, but to all the different personalities that exist within you.

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Welcome to my new home!

Hey there, stranger, you made it! And you bought coffee? Well, come on in then!

I’m new to WordPress and I’m already excited by all the options it has to offer. With a little practice, I’m hoping to infuse this space with more coziness and warmth – perfect companions for essays and little snippets of my life.

This year, I’m doing NaNoWriMo (https://www.nanowrimo.org/what-is-nanowrimo) so between that, getting my first book done and nesting in my new virtual home, I’m sure we’ll have lots to talk about. A story is complete only if you, the reader enjoys what I, the writer, has to say.  And so, from now on, I’m promising to hold myself accountable by posting more and about topics that have piqued your interest in the past.

So once again, welcome! I am thrilled to share this space with you and I hope we make wonderful stories together.

From my screen to yours,

Personally Pavi.

Girls and boys and all that noise!

In a curious case of reverse gender inequality, often new moms wonder this: Why is it considered acceptable to say “we want a baby girl”, or even “gender doesn’t matter”. If one wants a baby boy, is it still taboo to express that?
Before I speak any further, I’m putting out a big disclaimer. No disrespect intended and I don’t mean to trample on anyone’s voice. I’m also trying very hard not to soapbox, and I hope you can see that.

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Except for these.

The sepia sunlight of a summer evening. Birds twittering, squirrels scampering. Acres of green grass, broken by a dozen giggly faces. One more whoosh down the slide. One last round on the seesaw before dinner and a bath.
There are no perfect moments. Except for these.

Amma, can I play tag? Hey friend, want to race me to the swing? Wow, a beetle! Oh, look it’s moving! Amma, can she come home with us? A hundred breathless questions, faster than light
There are no perfect moments. Except for these.

Tires squealing, the air awash with goodbyes. Squeaky promises to meet again. Grubby hands and tired yawns. Laughter, tears and every emotion in between.
There are no perfect moments. Except for these.

Will the magic still be there tomorrow? They don’t care. In that cold arc of air, at the top of the swing, there’s only the beauty of the now. Hearts worn on sleeves, pure and beautiful, my children see a bigger truth than I can.
That there are no perfect moments. Except for these.


This human completely approves of her Therapuppy©️ (therapy + Puppy).

Whether it’s battling big feelings, anxiety or whatever’s floating in my soup for the day, Minnie always, always knows how to bring me down. A flash of her pink tongue, a kiss, the occasional belly rub. I breathe in her fuzzy head, and the world seems brighter.

She’s feisty and bossy and sheds like a champion. But by God, she’s the best thing that’s happened to me all year!

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