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mother son love(Photo by Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash)

Kids his age bike down our streets. Flipping back their faux hawks, all lean shoulders and easy smiles. They chatter about Fortnite and Roblox and things I am too uncool to know. They yell and joke, their laughter carrying faint traces of the men they will soon become. Their parents worry about grades and missed projects. After school piano classes and weekend soccer practice. Pre teen boys, caught between disappearing childhoods and middle school crushes. How complicated they seem to me!

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Most people are jerks when they’re young. Flush with the arrogance that being 17 and 20 brings, they often say and do a lot of things they don’t believe deep within their hearts. Now the catch is that they’re privileged enough to not have to know better. They can afford to bully and mock, because they’re never the victims of society. Rich kids tweeting about casteism, when they’ve done zilch to help. Tone deaf Instagram posts to gain social clout. Folded hands and earnest words, thoughts and prayers, thoughts and prayers.

Like I said. Many people are jerks when they’re young.Continue reading“Jerks.”

Live on First Moms Club

Some of my writer buddies and I were live this morning, on the First Moms Club page. Watch us talk about writing, life and how we battle big feelings while stuck at home.
Plus lots of giggling. 😂

We are LIVE! Chatting with some of our very own FMC moms 😊 #GettingRealWithRuchita Do you have questions for Pavi, Nidhi or Vineeta? Drop them below 👇👇👇

Posted by First Moms Club on Thursday, May 28, 2020

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